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      Apna Route Helplines اپنا روٹ ہیلپ لائن

      NH&MP 130
      Punjab Highway Patrol 1124
      Police 15
      Edhi Ambulance 115
      Rescue 1122
      Railways 117
      PIA 114
      Fire Brigade 16
      National Highway Authority 0519106246 – 0519032703
      KPK Transport Department 0919211789
      Balochistan Transport Authority 0819202652 – 0819203758
      Gilgit-Baltistan Transport Department 05811920820 – 05811920865
      Sindh Transport Department 0219211017
      Punjab Transport Department 04299200329 – 04299200359
      HAJJ INQUIRY 0519205696 – 0519201688
      UMRAH INQUIRY 0519201378 – 0519201372
      Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation 0519208949 – 0519272017
      Tourism Corporation Khyber Pakhtunkhwa 0919211091
      Directorate of Tourism Gilgit Baltistan 05811920173 – 05811920690
      Tourism Development Corporation Of Punjab 042111111042
      Balochistan Tourism Directorate 0819213196
      Culture Tourism and Antiquities Department Sindh 02199222885
      Apna Route 03345028582

      CURRENT FUEL PRICES : Petrol > Rs. 91.96/Ltr , High Speed Diesel > Rs. 105.31/Ltr , Light Speed Diesel > Rs. 74.99/Ltr , Kerosene Oil > Rs. 84.34/Ltr , CNG Region-II Sindh > Rs. 74.25/Kg , CNG Region-II Punjab > Rs. 74.25/Kg , CNG Region-I Balochistan > Rs. 66.14/Kg , CNG Region-I khyber Pakhtunkhwa > Rs. 66.14/Kg 01-06-2018 To 30-06-2018

      Emergency Contact Numbers ایمرجنسی رابطہ نمبر(NH&MP)

      National Highways & Motorway Police Helpline 130
      National Highways & Motorway Police 0519250500
      NH&MP Complaint No 0519334414
      NH&MP(Motorway Zone) DIG Islamabad 0515494124, 0515494126
      NH&MP(Motorway Zone)SSP M-1 Swabi 0938490463
      NH&MP(Motorway Zone) SSP M-2 Chakri 0514675291
      NH&MP(Motorway Zone) SSP M-2(South)& M-3 Sargodha 0486886111
      NH&MP (N-5 North Zone) DIG Islamabad(GT Road Peshawar to Lahore & IMDC) 0519239211, 0515494285
      NH&MP (N-5 North Zone) SSP North-I Khairabad 0923695043
      NH&MP (N-5 North Zone) SSP North-II Jhelum 0544647364
      NH&MP (N-5 North Zone) SSP North-III Gujranwala 0556816100
      NH&MP (N-75) SSP Islamabad Murree Dual Carriageway 17 Mile Toll Plaza 0519242712
      NH&MP (N-5 Central Zone) DIG Lahore(GT Road Lahore to Rahim Yar Khan) 04235970472 04299231466
      NH&MP (N-5 Central Zone) SSP Central-I Lahore 04299231464
      NH&MP (N-5 Central Zone) SSP Central-II Multan 0619210262
      NH&MP (N-5 Central Zone) SSP Office Central-III Rahim Yar Khan 0685678004
      NH&MP (N-5 South Zone) DIG Karachi(GT Road Rahim Yar Khan to Karachi) 02199244577, 02199244580
      NH&MP (N-5 South Zone) SSP South-I Sukkur 0715633107
      NH&MP (N-5 South Zone) SSP South-II NawabShah 0244323494
      NH&MP (N-5 South Zone) SSP South-III Jamshoro 0222771587
      NH&MP (N-10,N-25 West Zone) DIG Quetta (Coastal Highway & RCD Highway) 0812826714, 0812835478
      NH&MP (N-25 West Zone) SSP West-I, Uthal 03334357955
      NH&MP (N-25 West Zone) SSP West-II Kalat 0844210958
      NH&MP (N-10 West Zone) SSP N-10 Gwadar 03005147790

      اپنا روٹ پر اشتہارات کے لیے ان نمبرز پر رابطہ کریں 03345028582 ‏03360326264‎